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Values and Ethos

Our Mission

We are a Catholic school that champions each and every student so they can flourish individually and collectively.

Our Vision

It is our vision that each student should learn to live a life of meaning based upon Christ’s teaching and example. We consider Catholic principles of dignity, service and community, and living life to its fullest to be at the very heart of our work. These principles are not only central to Catholic faith, but form a vital part of a holistic education that nourishes the mind, body and spirit.

Our Values

You see our values of knowledge, care and ambition in all that we do. We value knowledge in its many forms: academic knowledge, the world around us and self-knowledge from experience and reflection. Care is central to all that we do; care for the individual and the community should be shown in all our actions. Ambition of all forms drives and motivates us to be successful for ourselves and the community - ambition allows us to flourish individually and collectively.

Our Promises

Our promises to each other bind our school community 

Greyfriars staff make these promises to our students and families so we can champion you; staff promise to:

  • Create an environment that is caring, safe and nurturing.
  • Have high-expectations of everything that students do so they can transform the world around them.
  • Value and know the individuality of each student made in the image of God and recognise their unique contribution to our community.
  • Invest, train and learn about education so your experience is the very best it can be.

Greyfriars students make these promises to the school so we can champion you; students promise to:

  • Lead by example showing respect in every interaction with students, staff and the environment.
  • Have high-expectations in everything I do to realise my power to transform the world.
  • Cherish and appreciate those who help me achieve my goals.
  • Do all that I can to show that Greyfriars is an excellent community in and out of school.

Academic Success

What are our core principles for teaching? 

At Greyfriars, we know that teaching makes the biggest difference to the personal, academic and emotional success of our young people. We know our teachers love their subjects and are committed to teaching with conviction and individual flair. We know that what happens in the classroom is central to our mission to champion every student so that they flourish individually and collectively.

To ensure this success, we commit to:

  • Know the curriculum deeply
  • Plan well-constructed lessons, with clear explanations, and deliver lessons with conviction
  • Ensure effective assessment and feedback
  • Create an effective working environment
  • Provide students with the resources for deep thought and learning at home

Leaders and teachers are committed to enacting and developing the Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching (CAT) Policy (which is available on our website). We know that teaching is a constant craft and so devote time to professional development of classroom teachers. We use our Top Ten Teaching Techniques to bring together consistency in our teaching across the school.

We also celebrate the individuality of all students, and when extra support is needed for different children, we work together as professionals, parents and with the students themselves to find out what they need and how best to support them.

Students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) often need extra help to make sure they can access the curriculum, and we are committed to making sure that these students achieve outcomes at least as good as their peers. We have a strong and dedicated team of teachers and support staff working towards this aim. We will always be available to discuss your child’s needs, and we encourage parents and students to take every opportunity to attend parents’ evenings and events at school.

Personal Success

What do we do to allow the child to flourish?

Our mission is to champion every student so that they can flourish as an individual and as a community. We know that personal success is intrinsically connected to collective success. Personal success allows us to be and feel fully alive - it is not just in academic success we find joy but in the work we do for our community. As a Catholic school, we are dedicated to and understand the need to contribute to our community. Our social bonds ensure we take deep pleasure from our work to help others and this is embedded into the Catholic Life of the school.

'The Glory of God is a human fully alive’

St Irenaeus of Lyon