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Pastoral Care

The structure of our pastoral care

Every member of staff has a responsibility for the pastoral care of our Greyfriars' students.  Some staff have defined leadership roles for pastoral care and support.

Form Tutor

A Form Tutor leads their Form Group as a team. The first port of call for students and their families is the form tutor. The majority of issues can be resolved via the Form Tutor. A Form Tutor will contact home to celebrate success, follow up on attendance, uniform or consequences.  

Year Leader

A Year Leader improves the progress and attainment of the year group by helping to meet individual and collective behaviour, learning, attendance and welfare needs. They communicate the timetable with the tutors, share data, share resources, celebrate collective success and oversee the direction of the group, with the guidance and support of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).  They ensure that the processes for behaviour are followed up effectively and consistently. They also follow up on more serious issues with families such as lesson removal or exclusions. Year Leaders also lead reinstatement meetings following exclusion. 

Pastoral Manager

The Pastoral Manager assists Greyfriars in improving progress and attainment by helping to meet individual behaviour, learning, attendance and welfare needs. Pastoral Managers are central to the emotional well-being and subsequent pastoral support we give the students in our care.  They work closely with the Year Leader and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and are Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL). Pastoral Managers are also a key link for external agencies, such as social care. Because Pastoral Managers are non-teaching, they are a crucial link in immediate support for students and families. 


Inclusion and Pastoral Lead

The Inclusion and Pastoral Lead provides a safe and inclusive environment where students get additional support to access their education; the Inclusion and Pastoral Lead also facilitates reflective and restorative processes for students and staff. They will also work with across the pastoral teams to consider wider school approaches to behaviour for learning for key students including targeted workshops for students and staff.

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) has strategic oversight of rewards, celebration and behaviour for learning. They ensure that the systems and processes for celebration and consequences are consistent and effective. SLT are also the Heads of House.

Heads of House

Heads of House lead rewards, and student participation and leadership. They foster pride and ambition individually and collectively. Each Head of House is a member of SLT.