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Catholic Life

What makes Greyfriars distinctive?

As a Catholic school, the teachings of Christ are at every aspect of our interactions and school operations; everything we do should bear witness to this and be informed by this. Bearing witness should be felt, seen, and heard, in the language we use, the worship we undertake, the images we use; it should also underpin all of our policies and procedures. Every interaction should show the Catholic Life of Greyfriars. At the centre of this is our knowledge that the dignity of the person is sacred and our moral obligation to participate in our community. Our Catholic faith is in everything that we do but is also inclusive of all faiths and none. We can learn from the gospel in order to reflect and improve as Catholics, as people of other faiths or if we don’t have any faith.

How does the Catholic Life of Greyfriars fit with other/non-faiths?

Our school is a diverse community with families of all faiths and none. We love this. We see our Catholic faith as being part of everything but also including everything and everyone. Catholic social teaching teaches us that the dignity of the person is sacred, that we should work in solidarity for our community, especially for the most vulnerable, and for the common good. We believe that everyone can see that these are good principles to live by and for regardless of faith.

The Gospel and prayer allow us time for reflection so we can centre ourselves and think about how we might improve. It is through time for reflection and self-awareness that we are able to be the best possible version of ourselves so that we can flourish individually and collectively.