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Friends of Greyfriars

What is Friends of Greyfriars

Friends of Greyfriars is an open and important community of parent volunteers working alongside the school and teachers to benefit the school. It is like a PTA. It is a group that aims to ensure the best educational and enrichment experience for all its students. Friends of Greyfriars is a reflection of the school in the wider community. 

How can you help?

It is important that Friends of Greyfriars reflects the nature of the school and the more members, the more power we have to improve things for the children in our community. The Friends of Greyfriars group aims to drive events to celebrate the school to unite and strengthen the school community. The more members, the more ideas, power and resources the group has. 

You can help by attending fun, informal meetings to help plan and organise events, apply for funding from grants/trusts, work in partnership with businesses, promote events, fundraising, social media posts, baking, serving drinks, supporting stalls, securing prizes from local organisations and helping to set up equipment. Perhaps you have a flair for graphic design, events management, photography, or you're good at selling raffle tickets? There are all sorts of skills we will need and you can give as much or as little time as you can. Every bit of support makes a difference. 


Why is Friends of Greyfriars important for a school at secondary level?

Many parents feel detached from their child’s education when their child starts secondary school. Being involved with this group helps to connect you with the school and learn how Greyfriars operates by working alongside the staff. It's also an invaluable way to build friendships with other like-minded families.

How can I get involved?

 If you would like to support in any way, please email: Sophie Upellini, School Business Manager via: