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Elective Programme

We champion each student so they can flourish and our Elective Programme is central to the experiences we are able to offer at Greyfriars. Every short term, a student completes a different elective course. This comprises one hour per week learning an enriching activity. This means that all students have the opportunity to experience a variety of extra-curricular pursuits during their time at Greyfriars; these experiences will allow them to flourish and leave us with the confidence to take on new challenges.

As part of the Catholic life of the school, there is a compulsory community elective for at least one term per year. This may consist of charity work or other activities that contribute to the school community such as a school newspaper or gardening. Our 6th form students support the elective groups as part of their own contribution to the school community and to develop their leadership skills. Our electives are centred around our values of Knowledge, Care and Ambition. 

Below is an example of the types of activities that are offered to our students (subject to change).

Electives foster pride in the school and there are a range of ways we can use electives to engage and be part of the local community. At the end of each term, work is displayed in our atrium and events are put on for families to see the work the pupils have done in their elective.